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Marching Band Participation

Background Information

The Fossil Ridge Band has enjoyed a high reputation for excellence in music performance, including marching band, for many years. The marching band is the most visible aspect of the band program. The marching band provides performance opportunities for band students while integrating the band program into school and community activities.


Marching Band Participation

As an integral part of the band program, The Fossil Ridge Band’s philosophy is that educationally, historically, and musically, marching band is an essential ingredient in a well-rounded music education in band. The Fossil Ridge Band believes that music students need to develop the ability to participate and perform in different ensemble experiences which, for band students, includes the marching band. As a result, marching band is required for all high school students who elect to take an academic band performance course. However, students who have medical complications or physical disabilities may be excused from participation at the discretion of the head band director. Philosophy regarding all aspects of high school band stems from TEA/UIL guidelines which govern all Texas schools.


Physical Education Requirement Credit

As an artistic endeavor, each rehearsal and performance by the marching band is mentally and physically demanding. For the full marching band performance, students are always on task and must bring to the experience their best performance skills. As a result, each student in the marching band is eligible to receive a physical education substitution credit (maximum 1 credit) in accordance with TEA guidelines.


Marching Band an Integral Component of State Curriculum Requirements

The music and performance skills and techniques, along with the associated academic skills in the band program, are derived from implementation of the expectations found in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The curriculum specifically includes requirements such as demonstrating musical skills and artistry, performing in different musical mediums, and experiencing music through a wider range of music literature, which are addressed through the marching band. Each performance by the marching band provides students the opportunity to demonstrate musical artistry through the ensemble, individual music performance skills and techniques, marching performance skills and techniques, and critical thinking skills that include auditory, spatial, and visual awareness.


High Academic Standards Maintained by Students

The opportunity for weekly performance is a motivating factor for academic achievement for marching band students, since only by maintaining their eligibility can they continue to perform. As a result, the directors have documented the fact that the least number of ineligible band students during the year occurs during the marching season.



Since marching band is a part of the academic band course and therefore, part of the graded curriculum, students in marching band are responsible for assimilating the academic aspects of the band elective as found in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Attendance at rehearsals and performances is mandatory and will be integrated into the student’s grade for band in accordance with TEA/UIL guidelines.


Practice Time Limits

Marching band practice times are regulated by TEA/UIL guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines is the responsibility of the Head Band Director at each high school. As per TEA and UIL rules, “The members of a marching band or any of its components may not begin the marching preparation for a UIL contest presentation prior to August 1. In addition, no more than ten hours of director-supervised instructional time may be devoted to marching fundamentals between the end of the previous school term and August 1.” Music preparation is not affected by this ten-hour rule. Between August 1 and the 1st day of school, practice schedules are determined by the Head Band Director. During the school year, no more than 8 hours of rehearsal per week, outside of the school day, is allowed. Exceptions to the 8-hour rule include preparation immediately before games and competitions. The Fossil Ridge Band observes all of these guidelines.

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