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Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the second performing ensemble for the band program and is open to students in grades nine through twelve, although most students are grades 10, 11, and 12. To be a member of this group, a student must:

• demonstrate the highest level of musical maturity, technical proficiency, and commitment to performances, rehearsals, practice time, and private lessons (It is strongly recommended that each student take individual private lessons in order to maintain the technical demands of the course)

• attend weekly region sectionals during the fall semester

• attend weekly sectionals held either before or after school between the months of January and May

• attend daily extended rehearsals at 8:00am during the spring semester

• prepare and audition for the All-Region Band

• perform a solo and an ensemble at the KISD Solo & Ensemble competition in May (or FRHS recital with director approval) Members of the Symphonic Band cannot miss rehearsal within 7 days of performance for any reason other than school competition, illness, or emergency.


Performance Level V is required for placement in the Symphonic Band (see Minimum Skills Chart and FRHS Grading Description)

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